Increase the conversion rate on welcome offers to grow email list faster.
Create targeted email subscribe offers that are specific to a product collection.
Tripled the conversion rate from 2.3% to 7.7%, and boosted email subscribers by 235%.



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Founded in 2018, Valyōu Furniture is Hawaii's fastest-growing furniture brand, which has quickly expanded to multiple retail locations in mainland United States.

ValYōu upgraded from a Klaviyo popup, to powering their welcome offer with ConvertFlow.

With ConvertFlow’s robust split-testing tools, we collaborated with ValYōu to experiment with their welcome offer.

The result?

📈 Opt-in rate on their welcome popup by 235% (2.3% → 7.7%)
🤓 Now collecting purchase-intent data to use in future marketing campaigns

How? Through collection-specific offers.

Here's the breakdown 👇

Shaul Rappaport
Founder, Valyōu Furniture

The challenge

Standard practice with welcome offers is to just offer a sitewide discount in exchange for email address and/or phone number.

This was being done through a simple "$50 off first order" offer.

The Hypothesis

The original converted at 2.3%—not great. We figured we could get this up by making the offer:

  • More relevant
  • More compelling

Creating different offers for the brand's various store collections might be a good place to start.

Shaul Rappaport
Founder, Valyōu Furniture

The solution

We worked with ValYōu to test a new popup specifically for a top-selling sofa collection line called "Feathers."

When someone is browsing Feathers, they get a welcome offer specific to this collection:

The great thing about specific offers like this is that you can tweak:

  • Messaging & copy
  • Imagery
  • Even the offer itself for each collection (X% discount vs. $ off vs. free gift, etc.)

Shaul Rappaport
Founder, Valyōu Furniture

The results

The original generic discount popup converted at 2.3%. While this new, more relevant offer converts at 7.7%—a 3.3x increase 🔥

But, that's not even the best part…

This new welcome offer now generates 6 figures in revenue for them, monthly.


A collection-specific opt-in means ValYōu knows more about what the shopper is interested in—valuable data when you have a broad furniture catalog like this.

This means:

📧 Segmented welcome flows

👕 More relevant product recommendations

🚀 Increased revenue from subscribers

Now it’s your turn

To learn more about how to level up your welcome offer strategy, go to our new course on welcome offer funnels →

Shaul Rappaport
Founder, Valyōu Furniture