Improve opt-in rates on welcome offer popups and guide new subscribers to make a purchase.
Create a welcome funnel that split-tests offers and uses a quiz to guides new subscribers to purchase.
Significant email & SMS list growth. 23% quiz add-to-cart rate. Customer data powering personalization.



Child & Baby


Shopify, Klaviyo, Attentive

Before switching to ConvertFlow, Ready. Set. Food! was losing out on potential subscribers and customers with a leaky store funnel.

Elliot Kovac, whose agency Dispatch runs email and retention on the brand’s behalf, explains that opt-in rates for RSF’s welcome popup were low. So the team was missing out on valuable leads and the opportunity to educate customers on their offerings via email and SMS.

And RSF had no way to re-engage subscribers when they returned to the site, so shoppers were left to fend for themselves—trying to navigate complex product options that are important to get right.

Switching to ConvertFlow has empowered Ready. Set. Food! to build an optimized welcome funnel that turns more subscribers into customers with:

  • Boosted email & SMS signups
  • 23% add-to-cart rate from quiz
  • Invaluable zero party data to fuel marketing campaigns

Find out how Ready. Set. Food! maximizes opt-ins and purchases with a ConvertFlow-powered welcome funnel.

“ConvertFlow has given us higher opt-in rates right off the bat compared to our last platform. And it’s allowed us to start collecting data we were not able to collect. And being able to present the SKUs that are most likely to be purchased to returning prospects on the site has been beneficial.”

Elliot Kovac
Email & Retention, Ready. Set. Food!

The challenge

Ready. Set. Food!’s customers need a lot of product education before they’ll feel comfortable making a purchase.

Introducing allergens early sets their babies up for a healthy future. But parents and caregivers may have questions about the process of early allergen introduction or the Ready. Set. Food! approach.

So education plays a vital role in the brand’s email and SMS welcome series. And getting site visitors to subscribe is crucial to foster the customer relationship and encourage a first purchase.

But RSF’s existing welcome popup wasn’t cutting it.

Ready. Set. Food!'s three-stage allergen introduction system

Opt-in rates were low and Elliot and the team could only see end conversion rates—so it was hard to know what aspects of the form were working and where site visitors were dropping off.

They also had little control over the design and functionality of the popup. They could collect emails and phone numbers, but couldn’t add form fields to collect customer data that could enrich their marketing campaigns.

On top of that, they couldn’t split-test their popups with their old platform. All campaign changes needed to be made by their customer success rep—a huge bottleneck. So they relied on a fair amount of guesswork to improve their popup.

“A benefit of ConvertFlow is the ability to see conversions at each step of the form. If we were just looking at the end conversion rate, we probably would have seen results that skewed the reality of the test.”

Elliot Kovac
Email & Retention, Ready. Set. Food!

The solution

That’s where ConvertFlow comes in. Elliot and the team were already using ConvertFlow for one of its quizzes, so moving RSF’s welcome popups to ConvertFlow made a lot of sense.

Having all their campaigns in one place would streamline customer data collection and enable them to activate that data by connecting their on-site campaigns.

And they have complete control over the design and functionality of their popups. They can add as many steps as they’d like, like this “micro-yes” first step that’s taken the DTC world by storm:

The first step in Ready. Set. Food!'s welcome popup asks "Would you like 50% off the first month of any plan?" It has a big orange "YES" button and a small link that says, "No, thanks."

Or this segmentation step with a fully customizable form that lets RSF understand where a baby is in their development so the brand can personalize its marketing efforts:

This step of the popup reads "When's your little one's birthday?" It has a form field for a birthday and two buttons. One reads "Next" and the other reads "Still Pregnant!"

In ConvertFlow, Elliot and the team can split-test unlimited versions of their popup, so they can experiment with different offers, designs, and CTAs.

And ConvertFlow’s plug-and-play integrations with key ecommerce software like Shopify, Klaviyo, and Attentive make it easy for the brand to automate follow-up emails and texts that educate customers and drive them further down the funnel.

Elliot says, “The ability to seamlessly plug into Klaviyo, Attentive, Shopify, and pull the data – I mean it goes both ways – pulling data in, exporting data out – has been very seamless.”

To complete the welcome funnel, RSF has also launched a popup quiz to re-engage subscribers who haven’t purchased yet:

A popup to start Ready. Set. Food!'s quiz that reads "New to Ready. Set. Food!? Take our quiz and find out which RSF! products are right for your little one!"

When a subscriber returns to the website, ConvertFlow identifies them as a contact who hasn’t purchased and shows the quiz popup instead of the welcome popup.

The quiz helps caregivers figure out the best allergen-introduction product to start their baby on—which helps build trust and confidence and streamlines the path to purchase.

“That ability to identify a subscriber who’s coming back to your site, has not purchased, and being able to lead them to the product they need while giving them the confidence that it’s the right product for them has been very beneficial and the conversion rates are showing that.”

Elliot Kovac
Email & Retention, Ready. Set. Food!

The results

Since launching the welcome funnel in ConvertFlow, Ready. Set. Food! has gained:

  • Boosted opt-in rates
  • 23% add-to-cart rate from quiz
  • Invaluable customer data for personalization

And they’re just getting started. Elliot and the team are actively split-testing their welcome popup and quiz to continue elevating these metrics.

And the team can now build out a more personalized welcome flow, quiz results pages, and other on-site campaigns to guide the customer journey with the zero party data they’re gathering.

All in all, ConvertFlow empowers the Ready. Set. Food! team to own their funnel, earn more subscribers, and turn browsers into buyers.

Ultimately, this enables the brand to further its mission of helping parents protect their children from food allergies and setting them up for a future of food freedom.

“In one word, flexibility. That’s the biggest benefit by a mile. The flexibility to build whatever we want without the constraints that other platforms have. And number two, being able to use the data from the other platforms that we work with to help build out those campaigns.”

Elliot Kovac
Email & Retention, Ready. Set. Food!