Help shoppers navigate the product catalog to find a bundle that will solve their specific problem.
Create a quiz that recommends products based on fitness goals and passes responses into Klaviyo.
27% completion rate and central player in $4 million annual revenue across 3x international storefronts.





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Undersun Fitness is one of the fastest-growing ecommerce brands in today’s health and fitness space.

Founder, James Grage, found an excellent niche as the undisputed authority on resistance band training—selling equipment and workout programs to help people achieve their fitness goals from anywhere.

The problem? People didn't know which bands to buy or what to do with them.

James and the Undersun team needed a way to understand each shopper's individual fitness goals, then recommend a solution to them. So, they created a quiz with ConvertFlow that's helped them achieve:

  • A 27% quiz completion rate
  • Increased AOV by selling bundles over individual products
  • $4m in annual revenue and expansion into Canada and the UK

Keep reading to discover why Undersun Fitness opted for ConvertFlow as its product recommendation quiz partner.

James Grage
Founder, Undersun Fitness

The challenge

The novel concept of resistance bands can be quite confusing—even to more experienced exercisers. A lot of people would become intrigued by Undersun's idea, but not make a purchase because they simply didn't know what to buy.

Offline, you'd typically talk with a personal trainer or expert at the gym and get advice on what to do and how to do it.

The problem?

There's just no way the Undersun team could sit down with every single one of the store's hundreds of thousands of monthly website visitors and recommend the right program to them.

They decided a quiz would be the best option. But, they didn't have the in-house resources to build one from scratch—and so set out to find an easy-to-use SaaS solution that would do all the heavy technical lifting for them.

James Grage
Founder, Undersun Fitness

The solution

Undersun chose to team up with ConvertFlow to build a "Find Your Program" quiz. Taking the quiz would effectively be like each website visitor sitting down with a personal trainer, then getting a product recommendation based on the responses provided:

Undersun quiz landing page reads, "Which program is the right one for you? Take the short quiz to see which program best suits your fitness goals."

The Undersun team were able to use ConvertFlow's drag-and-drop builder to design their quiz quickly, asking key questions around:

  • Fitness goals
  • Body profile
  • Workout experience
One of the Undersun quiz steps reads, "What best describes your goal?" It lists several fitness goal options to choose from.

They could also easily create the quiz logic in ConvertFlow using simple "if this, then that" conditional actions.

This means that upon completing the quiz, Undersun was able to send respondents to a specific landing page based on any combination of answers:

Conditional actions set up in ConvertFlow that match a shopper's quiz answers.

The respondent's data is seamlessly passed through to Klaviyo and Attentive for future marketing. This includes how people answered each quiz question, meaning Undersun can personalize their email and SMS flows accordingly.

James Grage
Founder, Undersun Fitness

The results

Undersun has seen excellent results from their ConvertFlow quiz from day one, including a 27% completion rate:

Undersun conversion rates

This means that 27% of people finished the quiz after starting it, and submitted their email and phone number at the end. That's 27% of thousands and thousands every single month.

Each of these people completing the quiz were:

  • Sent to a dedicated landing page bundling Undersun's resistance bands with the relevant training program
  • Added to Klaviyo and Attentive for personalized follow-up flows

Since launching this quiz with ConvertFlow, Undersun has grown to estimated annual revenues of $4 million. They've also expanded internationally with new websites servicing Canada and the United Kingdom—each of these storefronts seeing the same ConvertFlow quiz playbook at the center.

James Grage
Founder, Undersun Fitness