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Sports recovery equipment brand Lifepro Fitness relies heavily on paid ads to drive acquisition and grow the business. But to convert new traffic effectively, the team needed a comprehensive landing page solution.

They found that with ConvertFlow.

After launching landing pages on ConvertFlow, Lifepro Fitness has achieved as high as a 59% conversion rate from its landing pages.

Read on to learn how ConvertFlow helps Lifepro Fitness be a thriving global brand.

Joel Gottehrer
Co-Founder & COO, Lifepro Fitness

The challenge

After suffering from severe injuries and experiencing the challenges of at-home physical rehab, co-founders Joel Gottherer and Abraham Branch founded Lifepro Fitness to help people get back to full health.

Today, the brand offers equipment, workout plans, and community to help customers recover from injury, get fit, and lose weight.

Person using a Lifepro product

Joel and the team drive a ton of traffic via paid ads, but they knew that in order to convert that traffic, they couldn’t just send shoppers to generic product pages.

They needed to deliver a more compelling experience that would match the story coming from the ad and encourage visitors to take action.

Joel Gottehrer
Co-Founder & COO, Lifepro Fitness

The solution

Lifepro needed a landing page solution that would let them:

  • Quickly create dozens of landing pages for different audience segments, products, and offers
  • Split-test designs to optimize pages
  • Understand campaign success with detailed performance metrics

ConvertFlow makes that easy.

Lifepro Fitness landing page campaigns dashboard in ConvertFlow

Joel and the team can now create dozens of pages quickly and customize each page to match the ad story or offer—whether that’s promoting a seasonal sale, targeting a specific segment like remote workers, or launching a new product:

Sonic Series landing page hero
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And with unlimited split-testing, Lifepro can test as many variants as they need to understand what works best.

Joel Gottehrer
Co-Founder & COO, Lifepro Fitness

The results

Lifepro’s landing pages range from around 3% (which is pretty good for cold traffic to an ecommerce store) up to a mammoth 59%:

Thrive Series landing page stats

That’s the impact of driving targeted traffic to a compelling landing page that’s built for a particular ad.

And detailed performance metrics help the team understand exactly where customers are taking action on the page:

Granular landing page variant report example

Ultimately, Lifepro can launch best-performing landing pages in ConvertFlow and get more out of its ad spend by driving traffic to these optimized landing pages.

As a full-funnel solution, Joel and the team can launch any campaign they need to drive conversions in ConvertFlow like popups, quizzes, forms, embeds—or this sticky bar that highlights the brand’s guarantee, free shipping policy, and offer:

PulseFX sticky bar

Most importantly, ConvertFlow’s advanced targeting capabilities and native integrations empower ecommerce stores to launch high-converting funnels that personalize their websites and streamline the path to purchase.

Joel Gottehrer
Co-Founder & COO, Lifepro Fitness