Convert more traffic into subscribers across several international online storefronts.
Launch location-specific newsletter popups to correspond to the language spoken in the site visitor’s country.
40% opt-in rates on scroll-point popup. Better use of paid traffic.






Eisenberg Paris is an international force in the luxury beauty industry. There’s no shortage of traffic to the brand’s six websites. But it needed a way to capitalize on that traffic.

A universal popup wasn’t going to cut it. So Director Edmond Eisenberg and the team turned to ConvertFlow to create custom popups that could target specific countries and languages.

With ConvertFlow, Eisenberg Paris has launched popups in the shopper’s language and trigger them at the time a visitor is most likely to opt in to the brand’s newsletter.

The result?

  • 40% welcome popup opt-in rate
  • Turning more visitors into owned contacts
  • Getting more out of their paid traffic

Here’s how ConvertFlow helps them do it.

Edmond Eisenberg
Director, Eisenberg Paris

The challenge

Eisenberg Paris gets the majority of its traffic via paid ads. And Edmond and the team focus their efforts on attracting highly qualified traffic — creating the optimal conditions for conversions.

But of course, not all customers buy right away, so their email list is an essential step in the customer journey.

Three Eisenberg Paris products

And with the brand’s international presence, the team needed a solution for on-site campaigns that would allow them to bring as much attention to their list growth campaigns as they do to the paid ads that bring in such high-quality traffic.

Edmond Eisenberg
Director, Eisenberg Paris

The solution

So Edmond and the Eisenberg team turned to ConvertFlow to target shoppers with location-specific popups that would match their language.

Eisenberg Paris' welcome popup in English and Italian

While language alone drastically improves the shopper’s experience, in ConvertFlow the team can also fine-tune their popup to show precisely when they want.

For Eisenberg, that means triggering at a 20% scroll-point.

Instead of triggering right when a customer arrives on the website, the scroll-point trigger setting verifies that the shopper is likely interested in the brand. So they’re more likely to subscribe.

Once someone subscribes to the newsletter, ConvertFlow’s direct integration with Hubspot triggers an email welcome automation to deliver the customer’s discount and encourage them to shop the brand.

Edmond Eisenberg
Director, Eisenberg Paris

The results

By targeting shoppers in the right language and at the right time, Eisenberg Paris has achieved a mind-blowing 40% opt-in rate on its English language popup.

That average is maintained across the different language variants — and some languages perform even better:

And this turns more of the brand’s website visitors into owned contacts, helping the team get more out of their ad spend.

Additionally, because ConvertFlow is a full-funnel solution for on-site conversions, Eisenberg Paris benefits from the ability to create any campaign it needs for its six websites — like quizzes, landing pages, embeds, or this “product of the month” sticky bar:

In a nutshell, ConvertFlow empowers Edmond and the team to effortlessly craft all the campaigns they need for their websites in multiple languages and precisely target shoppers each step of the way.

Edmond Eisenberg
Director, Eisenberg Paris