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How Pranamat Uses Quiz Data to Send Segmented Campaigns That Drive More Opens, Clicks & Sales

Aleksej Kruminsh
Head of Growth Marketing, Pranamat ECO

With a brand centered around a single product and a price point above many of its competitors, Pranamat ECO knows how important it is to make the absolute most of paid traffic.

The problem?

Rising CPMs, the demise of third-party cookies, and a target market that needs plenty of product education before making a buying decision.

This is when Aleksej Kruminsh, Head of Growth at Pranamat, began to see how vital an owned audience and first-party data is to a modern ecommerce brand's success.

So to prepare for a cookieless web and turn more shoppers into paying customers, Pranamat ECO is growing their email list and gathering customer data to personalize marketing campaigns.

But to do this, they needed a more advanced tool for the job—and this is where ConvertFlow came in.

With ConvertFlow, Pranamat has benefitted from a:

  • 2x increase in email opt-ins
  • 2x email open rates with segmented flows powered by customer data
  • Increased revenue from personalized email campaigns

The brand’s star campaign to accomplish it all? A popup quiz with just one product.

We saw a lot of different possibilities with ConvertFlow—it’s a great tool for all the ecommerce stores.

Challenge: High-ticket price and low average repurchase rate

Founded in 2009, Pranamat ECO is a global direct-to-consumer brand that sells one product: acupressure mats.

For customers, these mats are investment purchases. They are high-ticket products with a low repurchase rate. Once they buy one, they usually don’t need another.

So, they have a long consideration window, says Aleksej. “It takes approximately three weeks from the first touch point to this decision to buy our product. It takes time to engage and educate our future customers on how to use our product and why buy us instead of our competitors.”

Woman lying on a Pranamat accupressure mat

This also means that Pranamat’s primary focus is acquiring new customers.

But new customers are notoriously challenging for businesses to convert. They drop off at various stages of the funnel in great numbers before a brand has had a chance to earn their trust and, ultimately, their business.

So a brand that relies heavily on new customers for its success has to do everything it can to engage potential customers and keep them in the funnel.

And without third-party cookies, the Pranamat team knew they needed to go beyond retargeting ads and grow relationships with site visitors on their owned channels.

We’re trying to prepare our company for this cookieless world when we don’t have any possibilities to match all this traffic with third-party cookies.

Solution: Adding quiz functionality to email signups 

When evaluating Pranamat’s marketing channels, Aleksej found that their highest conversion rates come from email marketing. Through automated campaigns, the brand can build relationships with customers over the course of that long consideration window.

So, Aleksej and the team decided to double-down on email and grow their contact list.

But before using ConvertFlow, they had limited options when it came to gathering new subscribers. With their previous solution, they just had a generic popup that led to generic emails.

The brand needed a more flexible solution to prepare for the future. One that would inspire more email signups while helping the team learn more about potential customers.

ConvertFlow has more possibilities and it’s especially created for ecommerce stores. For us, it was very important because previously we used a lead capturing software. But it didn’t offer enough possibilities with their popup.

So Pranamat turned to ConvertFlow to transform a basic opt-in form into a quiz that the team could use to gather customer data.

Strategy: The single-product quiz

Pranamat traded out their plain email subscription popup for a quiz hook popup in ConvertFlow. It appears to new site visitors after they’ve been on the site for a few seconds.

Popup in lower-left corner of Pranamat's home page prompting site visitors to take the quiz

Traditionally, quizzes are used to help shoppers navigate a range of products and find the best one for their needs and interests. But, Pranamat saw an opportunity to use a quiz to help shoppers understand the brand’s one product based on the shopper’s needs.

“We only have one product, but we have approximately six different ways to use it to help with wellness,” says Aleksej.

In the quiz, Pranamat asks site visitors what their health goals are—like to improve sleep, reduce physical pain, or increase energy:

Multiple choice question asking site visitors what they want to use the Pranamat for.

The data gathered in ConvertFlow is funneled into Pranamat’s email marketing software, ActiveCampaign, where it automatically segments subscribers based on their health goals.

For us, it’s really necessary to find this angle so we know how to communicate with potential clients.

To secure the signup, Pranamat offers a special welcome offer in exchange for the shopper’s email address:

Email form at the end of Pranamat's quiz

Results: Doubling opt-ins and segmenting emails

Using ConvertFlow’s quiz builder has enabled Pranamat to build data-rich subscriber profiles in ActiveCampaign. Now, Pranamat can send dedicated emails that explain the benefits of the acupressure mat for the customer’s goal.

We pass all these answers to ActiveCampaign and we created specific automations based on these answers. So we send all communications only with that one end goal. And we found that this works really great for us.

This method helps customers make a decision to purchase faster and has doubled success across the brand’s entire email funnel.

After switching to ConvertFlow, Pranamat has seen:

  • 2x lift in email opt-ins compared to a basic form
  • 2x email opens with segmented subject lines based on subscriber’s health goal
  • 2x increase in email clicks from segmented emails

The brand’s subscribers are getting more relevant content that’s more enticing to click on because it resonates with their needs.

ConvertFlow also allows Pranamat to find the best-performing campaigns with multivariate split testing.

Dashboard in ConvertFlow that shows conversion rate by variant for Pranamat's quiz

So the team at Pranamat can find the right messaging and offer to earn more subscribers.

All in all, Aleksej says ConvertFlow has easily paid for itself in ROI.

The future: Growing with ConvertFlow

The quiz is just the beginning for Pranamat. ConvertFlow equips the business for the future and gives Aleksej and the team all the tools they need to grow their email list and convert on-site customers.

We saw a lot of different possibilities with ConvertFlow—not only with this quiz functionality. We also tried the sticky bar and other stuff and we really like ConvertFlow. It’s a great tool for all the ecommerce stores.

ConvertFlow helps ecommerce brands keep more shoppers in the funnel and earn more paying customers with quizzes, product recommendations, forms, landing pages, popups, and more.

Sign up for a free account to discover how ConvertFlow can help grow your ecommerce brand.

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