Personalize the shopping experience for a single-product store based on each person's pain points.
Create a quiz to uncover pain points and use the data to segment and send personalized email flows.
Doubled email opt-ins, open rates on segmented flows, and revenue from email.






Pranamat ECO is a global direct-to-consumer brand that sells one product: acupressure mats.

The problem? These mats have many different use-cases and the target market needs a lot of product education before making a buying decision.

So Aleksej Kruminsh, Head of Growth at Pranamat, realized how vital customer data was going to be to personalize emails and turn more shoppers into paying customers.

But to personalize those campaigns, the team needed a more advanced tool to segment site visitors—and that’s where ConvertFlow came in.

With ConvertFlow, Pranamat has benefitted from:

  • A 2x increase in email opt-ins
  • A 2x email open rates with segmented flows powered by customer data
  • Increased revenue from personalized email campaigns

The brand’s star campaign to accomplish it all? A popup quiz with just one product.

"We saw a lot of different possibilities with ConvertFlow—it’s a great tool for all the ecommerce stores."

Aleksej Kruminsh
Head of Growth, Pranamat ECO

The challenge

Pranamat’s acupressure mats are investment purchases. They’re high-ticket items with a long consideration window of about three weeks.

That means the brand needs to educate customers about product benefits to encourage conversions. And these mats have about six different use-cases. So generic campaigns weren’t going to cut it.

But Pranamat’s existing list growth solution only provided a generic popup. So the brand couldn’t gather much customer data and could only send generic emails.

A person lying on a Pranamat acupressure mat.

"ConvertFlow has more possibilities and it’s especially created for ecommerce stores."

Aleksej Kruminsh
Head of Growth, Pranamat ECO

The solution

Pranamat turned to ConvertFlow to transform a basic opt-in form into a quiz that the team could use to learn about potential customers for personalized emails.

Though quizzes are traditionally used to help shoppers navigate a range of products, Pranamat saw an opportunity to use a quiz to help customers understand the brand’s one product based on their needs.

In the quiz, Pranamat asks site visitors what their health goals are—like to improve sleep, reduce physical pain, or increase energy:

Step two in Pranamat's quiz asks, "What is the main reason you would like to buy Pranamat ECO?" Shoppers have several options to choose from.

The data gathered in ConvertFlow is funneled into Pranamat’s email marketing software, ActiveCampaign, where it automatically segments subscribers based on their health goals.

So, potential customers get more relevant content that’s more enticing to click on because it resonates with their needs.

"We pass all these answers to ActiveCampaign and we created specific automations based on these answers. And we found that this works really great for us."

Aleksej Kruminsh
Head of Growth, Pranamat ECO

The results

This method helps customers make a decision to purchase faster and has doubled success across the brand’s entire email funnel.

After switching to ConvertFlow, Pranamat has seen:

  • 2x lift in email opt-ins compared to a basic form
  • 2x email opens with segmented subject lines based on subscriber’s health goal
  • 2x increase in email clicks from segmented emails

And with multivariate split-testing, Pranamat can iterate on the quiz to find the best-performing variant:

Data dashboard from Pranamat's split-testing efforts.

All in all, Aleksej says ConvertFlow has easily paid for itself in ROI.

The quiz is just the beginning for Pranamat. ConvertFlow equips the business for the future and gives Aleksej and the team all the tools they need to grow their email list and convert on-site customers.

Aleksej Kruminsh
Head of Growth, Pranamat ECO