Find offers and messaging that resonate best and reduce checkout abandonment on high-ticket items.
Multi-variate split-test welcome offers and address objections with checkout abandonment popup.
Increased store conversion rate and uptake of split payment options on the way to $500m revenue.



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Nectar Sleep is a powerhouse brand that scaled from $44 million in its first year to more than $500 million in three years.

Co-Founder Scott McLeod and the team have managed to carve out a foothold in the intensely competitive “mattress-in-a-box” vertical, surpassing many popular players in the space.

To scale this quickly, Nectar needed a tool that would enable the brand to personalize on-site marketing campaigns at scale and optimize those campaigns for performance. And they needed to be able to convert more customers by reducing checkout abandonment on high-ticket items.

With ConvertFlow, Nectar has been able to:

  • Increase store conversion rate
  • Reduce checkout abandonment
  • Optimize campaign performance

Keep reading to discover why Nectar chose ConvertFlow to run its on-site campaigns.

Scott McLeod
Co-Founder, Nectar Sleep

The challenge

Scott and the Nectar team knew that in order to scale the business, they needed to:

  • Invest in personalization and optimization
  • Roll out new offers and test messaging quickly
  • Improve checkout abandonment on high-ticket items

For personalization, that means activating shopper data to launch the right campaigns at the right time.

And when it comes to optimization, they needed a heavy duty tool to test unlimited variants to find the best performing options for each campaign and customer segment.

But many on-site marketing tools have limited split-testing options. And they’re often disjointed—requiring separate integrations for different campaign types that don’t effectively communicate with each other.

That makes accurate personalization nearly impossible.

Nectar mattress

On top of that, Nectar was losing customers at checkout. Payment fails are more frequent for brands with high price tags. This friction can stop sales from happening at the last minute.

With the need for a large number of campaigns and split-tests—and a desire to improve conversions across the funnel, the Nectar team set out to find an easy-to-use tool they could use to spin out campaigns quickly.

"We’re constantly trying to find offers that work. Once we find a winner, we roll it out to the maximum—but we’re also always thinking about the next one. It’s important that we’re able to move fast and quickly test new ideas and messaging."

Scott McLeod
Co-Founder, Nectar Sleep

The solution

Solving for Nectar's challenges had the potential to unlock more revenue for the brand from its existing traffic. So, Scott and the team turned to ConvertFlow as a full-funnel solution for targeted campaigns.

ConvertFlow’s advanced tools let Nectar:

  • Get hyper-specific with segmentation
  • Test multiple variants of campaigns to find the best performers
  • Launch dozens of campaigns to guide the customer journey and reduce abandonment

The brand uses ConvertFlow to tap into shoppers’ behavioral data and craft targeted on-site campaigns like upsell offers and exit-intent messages:

Nectar popup examples

And the team can react to situations like payment fails with dedicated popups:

Nectar checkout popups

These payment fail popups show a customer other payment options so they can move forward with their purchase.

For all its campaigns, Nectar uses ConvertFlow to split-test their way to success, steadily improving conversion rates over time:

Nectar experiments

ConvertFlow makes it simple for Nectar to launch these campaigns with an easy no-code builder, automatic segmentation, and unlimited split-testing.

"I recommend using a tool like ConvertFlow… All this makes it simple to test out different theories you might have about your messaging. Meaning you’ll be able to quickly find out which one resonates best, and run with the winner."

Scott McLeod
Co-Founder, Nectar Sleep

The results

Nectar sees incredible results using ConvertFlow and the platform has been instrumental in scaling the business to $500 million and beyond.

Since launching on-site campaigns with ConvertFlow, Nectar has been able to:

  • Increase store conversion rate
  • Reduce abandonment through payment option popups
  • Split-test campaigns for optimal performance

The payment fail popups have seen tremendous success in reducing abandonment.

For example, this campaign sees a whopping 32% conversion rate:

Nectar Splitit popup

Those are all sales that could have been lost.

The brand has also expanded internationally and is now one of several brands under the parent company Resident Home—using the same high-impact ConvertFlow playbook across its websites.

Scott McLeod
Co-Founder, Nectar Sleep