Grow email and SMS subscribers and help shoppers discover related products after adding to cart.
Create a welcome popup that collects email & phone number over two steps as well as in-cart upsell.
150,000 new email & SMS subscribers. 13% add-to-cart rate on upsell. Increased AOV.





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Cuddle Clones is a renowned ecommerce brand that lets customers memorialize their pets with stuffed replicas and printed accessories.

But press popularity isn’t enough for consistent, long-term success. The brand needed a strategy that enabled them to build relationships with its site visitors and grow cart values to get the most out of its traffic.

So, Director of Digital Marketing, Jay Vasse, turned to ConvertFlow to grow the brand’s email and SMS lists and increase AOV.

With popups made in ConvertFlow, Cuddle Clones has been able to:

  • Add 150,000 new email & SMS subscribers
  • Secure a 13% add-to-cart rate on upsell popup
  • Boost AOV by assisting with product discovery

Keep reading to find out how this successful brand created a high-converting ecommerce machine with ConvertFlow.

"ConvertFlow has been an invaluable tool for us. Its flexibility has allowed us to use it for way more than just a simple popup to collect emails and phone numbers."

Jay Vasse
Director of Marketing, Cuddle Clones

The challenge

Before using ConvertFlow, the Cuddle Clones team saw success with email and SMS marketing campaigns—but struggled to earn subscribers.

On top of that, they needed to improve profitability in order to scale and invest in other areas of growth. In other words, Cuddle Clones needed to boost its cart values.

Many brands use “related item” carousels on product pages, but many shoppers aren’t ready for that kind of promotion when they haven’t added an item to their cart yet.

And post-purchase emails can be effective, but there’s friction in getting customers back to the website to purchase again.

The solution to both these challenges could be found in a single tool: ConvertFlow’s popup builder.

Jay Vasse
Director of Marketing, Cuddle Clones

The solution

To grow its subscriber base, Cuddle Clones launched a two-step welcome popup in ConvertFlow:

Cuddle Clones' two-step welcome popup that collects an email address and first name in step one and a phone number in step two.
Step one and two of Cuddle Clones' list growth popup

Step one and two of Cuddle Clones' list growth popup

The popup asks for a site visitor’s email address in the first step and the phone number in the second step.

This simplifies the process so it doesn’t feel overwhelming for site visitors.

Plus, if a shopper exits the popup after the first step, Cuddle Clones still has one piece of contact information.

To grow cart values, Cuddle Clones launched collection-based cross-sell popups that trigger when a shopper adds a product to their cart:

Cuddle Clones' collection-based cross-sell popup. The header reads "Complete your golf collection!" It recommends three more products from the golf collection.

Shoppers with products in their cart have a high purchase-intent and have already decided what they’re interested in.

So by offering similar products at this stage, Cuddle Clones can increase order values more effectively than cross-selling on a product page or in a post-purchase email alone.

"The ConvertFlow popup has helped us get over 150,000 email and SMS subscribers in the past year."

Jay Vasse
Director of Marketing, Cuddle Clones

The results

ConvertFlow’s popups have enabled Cuddle Clones to grow its subscriber lists at the beginning of the customer journey and increase cart values as shoppers become customers.

This has led to:

  • 150,000 new email & SMS subscribers in nine months
  • A 13% add-to-cart rate through cross-sell popups
  • Higher average order values (AOV) across the board

Ultimately, ConvertFlow gives the Cuddle Clones team the tools they need to scale the business.

Jay Vasse
Director of Marketing, Cuddle Clones