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How Examine.com generated 151,787 extra leads with content upgrades using ConvertFlow

Martin Wong
Director of Marketing, Examine

How Examine.com made a simple change in their lead capture process, and watched conversions more than double.

As one of the largest online databases of nutrition and supplement-based information in the world, Examine.com attracts millions of visitors every month. Due to the shear volume of traffic they’re getting, any tiny change made to their site can produce a big results, both positive and negative.

Founded in 2011, Examine.com has grown into an unbiased, fully-independent education company with a team of medical doctors, researchers, professors and pharmacists who collectively make nutritional product recommendations based entirely on research.

Recently we asked Martin Wong, the company’s Director of Marketing about the challenge that led them to ConvertFlow.

“We were looking to increase our email opt-ins and were unhappy with the solution we were using at the time. However, it worked, so we weren't actively looking. One day I came across ConvertFlow through a blog post, watched a demo, and was very impressed with what it could do when it comes to lead generation.”

“We were looking to increase our email opt-ins and were unhappy with the solution we were using at the time.”
– Martin Wong, Director of Marketing, Examine

Why Examine chose ConvertFlow over other lead generation solutions

Features and flexibility were the main reasons for switching to ConvertFlow.

Martin explained, “I didn't do hardcore research into other options after watching the demo. Although I was aware of others such as SumoMe, Optimonk, and BounceExchange, from what I could tell, none of the others could really compare to ConvertFlow’s onsite retargeting and personalization capabilities. Feature wise it’s in a league of its own.

“Featurewise ConvertFlow is in a league of its own.”
– Martin Wong, Director of Marketing, Examine

Home-page conversions increased by 166%

When asked what measurable results they’ve seen, Martin told us: “Unfortunately, we can't do an exact 1 to 1 comparison for many of the opt-ins because the way ConvertFlow displays CTAs and CTA types is very different than lead generation tools we were using before. However, for the ones that are similar, that contain the same offer, we’ve seen conversions increase from 0.81% to 2.16%.”

He continued; “And then there are the conversion rates for CTAS we didn't have access to with the previous software we were using. One example is ConvertFlow’s pre hooks. With those, we are getting seriously insane results, upwards of 96.89%!”

With millions of visitors coming to Examine.com every month, small changes can have a major impact on conversions. And that’s why Martin and his team were able to capture 151,787 new leads using ConvertFlow so far.

“With ConvertFlow’s pre-hooks,we are getting seriously insane results, upwards of 96.89%!”
– Martin Wong, Director of Marketing, Examine

More control over CTAs significantly reduced customer complaints

One of Examine’s top priorities is to create an enjoyable and engaging experience for people coming to their website, but the old-school pop ups they used were creating unwanted friction. “Previously, we were getting more customer support requests saying how annoyed they were with our popups. Obviously, this not something we wanted to hear from our readers.”

“After transitioning to ConvertFlow, we really enjoy having more control over who we show our CTAs to, what we show them, how often, and when.

Since changing over,  we haven't gotten any complaints about our CTAs. And if we ever do get one, we know that we have much more control over how our they show, and how we can improve the customer experience.”

Other favorite features

When asked if he had any other favorite features, Martin said: “Well, it's a toss up between CTA strings and Flows. Both are incredibly useful and combined really take personalization and on-site retargeting to the next level. I'm also a big fan of embedded, area CTAs.”

He also added, “The customer success team is very responsive with support requests through the in-app messenger. I'm very happy about that as I've had 100+ questions and they've been great to work with.”

Taking full advantage of its power

As promising as results have been for Examine.com so far, Martin said he’s looking forward to taking greater advantage of the lead gen, personalization and conversion capabilities that ConvertFlow is giving to marketers.

“Now we have much more control over who we show our CTAs to, what we show them, how often, and when.”
– Martin Wong, Director of Marketing, Examine

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