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How two teams launch campaigns faster, cut costs, and deliver services at scale

Felix Loiselle
CMO at Hydrogene and Centiva

As the marketing director of a fast-growing agency and a web service provider, Felix Loiselle is a very busy man.

He currently oversees marketing at Hydrogene, a digital studio in Montreal, Canada, where they develop large-scale web apps for leading companies like MedPlan, MediStik, and RE/MAX, to name a few.

Felix is also CMO at Centiva, a company that offers a suite of marketing tools, including a communications platform designed to help franchises and professional organizations attract and retain members.

In partnership with RE/MAX Quebec, Centiva has developed a platform that allows real estate brokers to create and manage their own websites.

In search of a simple lead gen solution

Leads, of course, are the lifeblood of the real estate business, so Centiva’s marketing team was looking for a simple, yet effective way to help brokers attract more home buyers and sellers.

As Felix puts it, “We needed a solution that was easy to implement and maintain. One that would help members generate more leads via their Centiva website.”

“We spent days looking and trying every solution available,” he recalls, “Convertflow had the best UX by far and was a flexible solution that could scale.”

Speed of implementation and scalability are vital for web service providers like Hydrogene and Centiva. Having the ability to onboard new clients, integrate their marketing tools, and launch campaigns in minutes, not hours, can be a real game-changer when it comes to profitability.

When asked how their experience with ConvertFlow has been so far, Felix told us, “The biggest result was the efficiency with which we could launch a new campaign and reduce the cost of production.”

While fast implementation and cost control are essential to Hydrogene and Centiva, achieving measurable outcomes for clients is always a top priority for both teams.

Fortunately for Felix, the clients of both companies like what they see, “So far it's been good,” he says, “We've seen more and more conversions on our websites using ConvertFlow.”

Rapidly launching campaigns at scale

In addition to improving lead generation and ROI, ConvertFlow enables service providers to launch and manage multiple campaigns for multiple client websites.

“Teams can manage everything from one account, yet each website has its own integrations, contacts, and campaigns,” explains Ethan Denney, CEO at ConvertFlow.

“Our platform also gives marketers the option to use our professionally-designed templates, or they can create reusable templates they can use to launch future campaigns in less time and with less effort,” adds Ethan.

ConvertFlow’s templates help providers scale and deliver services in hours, or days, not weeks. Sharable templates streamline their workflow and help drive results without coding or needing to have to access the client’s website.

Minimizing production costs

Being able to set up each client’s lead generation system and CTAs from one platform helps marketing teams like Felix’s work faster and more efficiently.

Using customizable templates, marketers can quickly launch new CTAs across a website, and start sending leads to the client's CRM or email service provider, in a matter of minutes.

By combining Zapier-powered integrations and deep integrations with leading business tools, innovative marketers can multiply what’s possible using ConvertFlow’s flexible platform.

Without a doubt, Felix is happy his teams can finally launch and modify campaigns without coding. “Now there’s less involvement of engineers in the process,” he says with a smile.

Everyone can agree that giving marketers the freedom to do their jobs without getting developers or engineers involved helps prevent bottlenecks while minimizing unnecessary delays and production cost overruns.

Streamlining collaboration

Collaboration is a key productivity driver for agencies and service providers like Hydrogene and Centiva. Bringing teams, tools, and data together greatly facilitates the process of launching successful marketing campaigns.

As Jonathan Denney, CTO at ConvertFlow, puts it, “Not only does our platform let teams collaborate internally, they can also collaborate with outside providers and clients on specific campaigns.”

“You can invite admins, collaborators, and clients to the sites you choose. Only designated people can see reports and make edits to campaigns,” explains Jonathan, “Teams can manage multiple website sub-accounts and each site has its own campaigns, integrations, and contacts.”

Boosting revenue per client

Generating, qualifying, and converting leads into paying customers becomes much easier when you start leveraging ConvertFlow’s flexibility and scalability like Hydrogene, Centiva, and other teams are doing.

Every day, we see more providers boosting their revenue per client by offering lead generation services. They use lead insights and conversion reports to identify opportunities to optimize results, launch new campaigns, and upsell/cross-sell additional services to their clientele.

Many of these providers are locking in streams of recurring revenue by offering ongoing campaign management as a retainer service. They’re doing things like setting up client websites to segment visitor traffic, capture qualified leads, and accelerate conversions by personalizing calls-to-action and page funnels.

Marketing teams are notified when interested prospects visit the company’s website or engage with CTAs. And sales teams receive alerts that help them compress the sales cycle by proactively engaging qualified leads earlier and closing sales faster.

Being able to show measurable results in the form of more converted leads helps agencies prove ROI on the ongoing conversion management services they provide.

And, of course,clients are more likely to continue paying when they see that their marketing spend is resulting in a predictable flow of fresh leads that convert into customers and more revenue.

Felix couldn’t agree more. For Hydrogene and Centiva, being able to deliver tangible results to clients, while keeping production costs under control is the Holy Grail when it comes to retention and sustained growth.

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