How Eric Holter is helping creative entrepreneurs grow their practices into profitable businesses

While he was still in high school, Eric Holter began blazing his creative trail as a freelancer. After graduating from design school in 1991, Eric launched his career as a freelance illustrator. Soon after that...

Eric Holter
Founder - Cuberis &
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How AWeber turned its blog into a continuous source of high-quality leads

See how this content strategist and her team built a successful blog, doubled lead generation and increased conversions without depending on busy designers and developers.

Liz Willits
Senior Content Strategist at AWeber
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How this full-stack agency turns “one-off” prospects into ongoing retainer clients

Sooner or later, every agency owner must solve a persistent problem: How to generate steady cash flow. After all, cash flow helps agencies pay expenses, invest in technology, and hire talented people.

Bobby Tsui
Founder & CEO
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How this marketing agency took a better approach to proposals and transformed their business

After wasting hundreds of hours writing custom proposals that didn’t result in new business, Paper Planes developed a more profitable way to acquire new clients and boost revenue without working harder.

Matthew Clarkson
Director of strategy & development
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How the owner of this Ontario-based digital agency is boosting recurring revenue

They used to struggle through periods of feast or famine, now Mat O’Flynn’s agency is generating streams of predictable revenue by combining conversion marketing with other digital marketing services.

Mat O’Flynn
Founder - Drip Email Templates
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Digital Products

How generated 151,787 extra leads with content upgrades using ConvertFlow

Martin Wong was looking to increase his company’s email opt-ins. One day, he came across ConvertFlow and saw what it could do when it comes to lead generation.

Martin Wong
Director of Marketing, Examine
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How’s grew conversions from 0.7% to over 4% with 1 million monthly visitors was getting almost a million visitors a month. Unfortunately, only a small number of those people were on their list. They wanted to start showing popups on their website and grow their email list faster.

Leisa Miller
Marketing Associate, Fee
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Digital Products

See how Rudy Mawer generated an extra $50k in revenue and 7,973 leads with a ConvertFlow overlay

Although they already have thousands of members enrolled in their fitness plans and coaching programs, Rudy Mawer’s team is always looking for ways to expand their audience and capture more market share.

Anthony Accetturo
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How Spiro delivers the right content, to the right users and website visitors, at the right time

Spiro’s team was looking for an all-in-one tool that would let them highly customize their marketing process so they could engage new and returning website visitors, as well as users using different CTAs.

Alicia Gordon
Marketing Manager, Spiro
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How Repsly doubled their lead capture using embedded calls-to-action, not landing pages

Frank Brogie, Content Marketing Manager at Repsly, was looking for a way his team could embed a form directly into a CTA, so readers could consume deeper content without having to leave the blog post.

Frank Brogie
Content Marketing Manager, Repsly
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Digital Products

See how a multi-step ConvertFlow form got SeanWes hundreds of subscribers and 90%+ engagement rates

Sean McCabe was struggling to find a simple way to personalize his website messaging without hacking together lots of different tools. Like any paid subscription business, his success depends on...

Sean McCabe
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RVingPlanet got 10,000 new leads it would’ve lost otherwise: Here's how they did it

As head of marketing at RVing Planet, Nate Morse was searching for a more effective way to help the company’s audience see the content and solutions that are most relevant to their needs.

Nate Morse
Guest Experience & Partner Outreach, RVing Planet
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